Think about it... alot!

Things to remember. You will make new friends at your new institution. It is better to start a year again, or transfer your credits to another institution than dropping out of the University system. Your degree will only be worth it is you yourself value it. You will regret it if you continue studying a subject or are not having an enjoyable university experience.

If it is an issue with your course you are studying first talk to your parents, friends and personal tutor about how you're feeling. Certainly transferring Universities is not something which should be done without due consultation. You talk to as many people as possible. It doesn't cost to listen to their advice. With a course issue it may certainly be possible to change various modules within the course or to switch and transfer credits you've already accumulated to another course within your institution and continue your studies without re-doing a year. Once again, talk to your personal tutor / course leader about your concerns.

Think about it first!