Student Finance Considerations

Most students who go to University have a student loan, and many receive help towards tuition fees. You will need to inform your LEA (Local Education Authority) about the change of institution and year of entry so they can pay the right University. If you do this near the end of the academic year, then you can just fill in the form with your new details. Make sure you know how much tuition fees the new University is charging you. If you withdraw half way through, you may be eligible for a student fees refund from your university for that year - the best thing to do in this situation is to talk to your LEA. For those who receive help towards student fees, I was told by the advisor at my Union that each student receives 4 years support for a 3 year course - so people who have a years study abroad etc still get funding - this applies to you aswell, so do not let the thought that you will not get student support for one of your years of study put off your transfer of University.

Your LEA may require a “Notice of Withdrawal” form from the institution you’re withdrawing from and a “Notice of Transfer” form from your new institution for them to proceed with the new educational arrangements and support means testing. Once this is done, you’ve essentially made it! You’ve transferred Universities! You will be most likely offered a place in halls of residence at your new University, as this would be your first year of study at the new University. This would be a good way of making new friends. If you fancy living in a house, then check out websites such as accommodation for students and ads of the network pages of facebook for inspiration.

Only you will know your reasons for changing university but don’t worry it’s not as scary as it seems! There is no point in continuing something you are not happy with, all you need is the will power and to follow the above steps! Remember, it’s better to transfer universities rather than to drop out.

If you get accepted, you’ll have to confirm this via UCAS. Once you are you’ll need to tell your previous institution that you wish to formally withdraw – only do this once you’ve been confirmed at your new institution.

University Transfer Guide