How to Transfer Universities

Transferring universities can be daunting, but is worthwhile if you're sure changing universities is right for you. There isn't much information on the internet which guides prospective student transferees through the university transfer process.

Students need to know that help and student support is out there and readily available on what to do. It is worth talking through options available to you with as many people as possible. Student advice centres are great for impartial advice, so are your parents and friends. Get opinions from everyone, think about it, but ultimately do what you think is best. It's better to transfer courses within the same academic institution, which is very common in the first year, rather than drop out completey. However some students drop out for a year, go travelling etc - and reapply more sure about what they want to do. Even if you've been on your course for two or three years, you can still change universities! - you may have to retake a year at a new instituion, however you'll find that universities are very accomodating to students who want to come and fill up a course (more money for them!)

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